• Brittany Ellingsen, CSCS

At Home Workouts-Gallon Gear Water Bottle Edition

It's been around two weeks that we have been social distancing, trapped at home, and only leaving the house for either going for a run/walk/bike ride/ etc., or for our essential items. We are spending way more time chilling on the couch, watching tv, trying to work as much as we can, or just stuck at a desk working from home if you are lucky enough to do so.

I know I have personally missed all my clients dearly. I've gotten lucky to see a few of them through some virtual training and some training through my online programs. However, I don't get to see everyone in person at the gym. I also don't get to lift heavy things like I usually do with my powerlifting training because I do not have a home gym. If you have a home gym you have made a wonderful investment during these times. If you are like me and you only have a few pieces of equipment or no equipment you aren't totally out of luck. We can still make our fitness a priority and increase fitness levels in a different manner.

The outdoors aren't taken away from us (at least not yet, hopefully that does not happen). We can still get outside and move. We can work on our conditioning with running, walking, and/or cycling. For those gym rats who only lifting weights and don't do conditioning, this can be a great new challenge for you to do.

Now, we can still strength train without much equipment. It just won't be the type of weight we are used to. We also may need to do A LOT MORE REPETITIONS to get a stimulus that we need. This is OKAY. We can still push ourselves and increase our muscular endurance with lighter weights.


Bands, bags, water bottles, anything around the house that you can hold can be turned into a weight. I personally have been using a Gallon Gear gallon jug for some of my workouts. These exercises can be done with any kind of gallon or half gallon jug. This is really just an example of how you can take a object like this and make it beneficial for your workouts.


For both exercises keep the shoulder blades tightly back. They are extremely different exercises from each other; however, they can increase shoulder stability greatly.


Without rotating the hips or torso, move the gallon jug from side to side with only moving the arm and shoulder blade. There should be as minimal rotation as possible with the core engaged tightly.


Keep your hip directly over the knee that is down and front leg lined up straight with the knee over the foot. Keep the core engaged to avoid any leaning or rotation. Then press the jug straight up.

ALL of these exercises can be done with different equipment like bands or dumbbells. Also common home items that can be held. Whatever you do you just have to get creative with it. Other equipment that I have used are backpacks and duffle bags I have filled up with random stuff to have it weighted. Like this weighted duffle bag hip thrust done on my couch.

TRY THESE EXERCISES OUT AND LET ME KNOW HOW YOU DO!! Follow Brittany Ellingsen Strength on Facebook for more at home exercises ideas during this time period. Email for information on virtual training and/or online training programs that are available for you to do!

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